Hergoton Plus





IBC's kg. 1200
Drums kg. 250
Tanks kg. 30

HERGOTON consists of low to medium molecular weight amino acids derived from the hydrolysis of animal proteins. These amino acids are rapidly and completely absorbed by the root system. HERGOTON cannot, therefore, be considered a traditional nitrogen fertilizer but as a natural and stable mixture of complex structures that represent the essential precursors for the construction of peptides, proteins and enzymes. Applying this product accelerates crop metabolism, supplying directly, in a readily available form, all those constituents that would otherwise need to be synthesised “afresh” from inorganic nitrogen. The effects obtained with root application are as follows:

  • Increase in the activity of the soil microflora.
  • Improvement in the availability of metallic ions thanks to the chelating action of amino acids.
  • Anti-stress effect following meteorological or parasitic damage.
  • Inducement to biological and biochemical functions which determine vegetative growth and increased harvest.
  • Possibility of supplying organic nitrogen via fertigation.
  • Increased root system development and activity.


Total Organic Nitrogen (N) 8%
Biological Organic Carbon (C) 27%

Dosage and usage procedures (fertigation)

Citrus 40-100 Kg/Ha
Top Fruit - Grapes 50-100 Kg/Ha
Field and Greenhouse vegetables 30-60 Kg/Ha
Floriculture 20-40 Kg/Ha

Dosage always depends on different factors (plant’s age, growth stage, climatic conditions, temperature, etc) and can be increased or decreased according to your requirements. IN CASE OF FOLIAR APPLICATION, MIXTURES WITH COPPER BASED PRODUCTS TO BE AVOIDED.