Phos-Phyto Cu




Bottles Kg. 1
Tanks Kg. 6

PHOS-PHYTO CU is a foliar fertilizer containing Copper, Nitrogen and Phosphorous. It is particularly recommended for treating the plants during the phases of growth and ripening. The product’s mix of ingredients favours the conduction of nutrients to the storage organs of the plant (fruits, seeds, roots). The enhanced conversion to starches and sugars improves the taste, colour and texture of the crop and help to reduce transit damage. The particular chemical form of the Phosphorus helps the plant to produce a greater quantity of natural defence substances becoming more resistant to nutrient imbalances. The high content in Copper prevents and cures diseases caused by Phytophthora and Pythium. The product helps in fighting infections caused by some specific pathogens (Mycosphae-rella spp. and Septoria spp.).


Total Nitrogen (N) 4,4%
Nitric Nitrogen (N) 2,2%
Ammonium Nitrogen (N) 2,2%
Phosphate (P2O5) water soluble 14%
Copper (Cu) water soluble 5%

Dosage and usage procedures

Citrus - Fruit trees - Grapes - Strawberries 100-200 g/Hl (foliar)
Vegetables 100-200 g/Hl (foliar)
Ornamental Plants 5-10 g/mq (foliar)
Arboreal Crops 0,5-1 Kg per 1000 m di manichetta (fertigation)
Vegetables 0,5-1 Kg per 1000 mt (fertigation)

Dosage always depends on different factors (plant’s age, growth stage, climatic conditions, temperature, etc) and can be increased or decreased according to your requirements. DO NOT MIX WITH ACID PRODUCTS.